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Why Choose Trio

Trio Home Purchase Assistance.

Trio provides Home Purchase Assistance with all of its financing programs. Your Home Purchase Assistance can be used as down payment funds, to offset closing costs or just purchase for the net option price. You earn your Home Purchase Assistance just by paying your lease payments on time.

Trio Success Program

During your lease, HUD-certified counselors work with you throughout your lease to ensure you successfully overcome any hurdles on your path to homeownership. They’ll talk with you about budgeting, credit habits, savings and income documentation.

Hardship Protection

Trio’s the first and only company to build hardship insurance into its product. The counseling team mentioned above is ready to talk you through filing a claim that, if approved, can cover up to 6 months of your lease payments at 50%. Trio makes it easier for you to get back on your feet when the unexpected happens.

Home Care Guide.

Remember, even when you are saving up to purchase, you can consider this your new home. As such, you’ll want to take care of it like it’s yours. Think of Trio’s Home Care Guide as your personal assistant for maintaining the value of your new home. Within Trio’s Home Care Guide, you’ll be provided with a schedule of maintenance required for your new home. Between this guide and your home warranty, you should be all set.
Trio Home Care Guide

Trio can be your safety school.

Did you know that over 30% of mortgage applications for the purchase of a new home end up denied? Kinda makes a backup plan sound pretty convincing, huh? The reality is, mortgage rules and regulations are complicated, and it’s just not that easy to qualify. There are a lot of people in this boat. And even If you’re told that you qualify today but you feel a little skeptical – Trio can be your backup. Just contact us and we’ll figure out how we can help.

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