Trio's Link Covertible Lease Program

We offer an innovative way to reduce
your purchase price with each monthly payment.

This exciting new program supports our customers by eliminating purchase option prices and instead reduces your purchase price with each monthly payment. Plus, each Link Convertible Lease can automatically transition to homeownership after just 18 months of timely payments. Lease terms are from 3 to 5 years and convert at your option into the remaining balance of a 40 year home loan.

The Link Convertible Lease is Trio's latest market-leading innovation supporting its mission of delivering affordable solutions for those seeking homeownership.

What is required?

The Link Convertible Lease requires a down payment equal to an FHA mortgage at just 3.5% of the home price, plus standard escrow and title closing costs. You can fund these costs from your savings, by requesting a contribution from the seller, from gift funds or from down payment assistance programs. Talk to your loan professional for more information.

Trio's traditional lease program

Trio's traditional lease financing programs continue to be available on our move-in ready homes. These renovated and new homes are located throughout select markets with pricing and availability at

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