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Stephanie M.
(Central California)

"Trio is for real people. I like that it gave me a path forward while I was still saving for a down payment. Thanks to Trio, I moved into a wonderful new home."

Trisha P.
(Central California)

"With Trio, there are no hidden agendas or gimmicks. As a single mom, I tell my friends and family that Trio is one of the best decisions I have ever made."

Trio Home Lease Financing.

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To get started comparing Trio, select a home price and a lease term. Then see how lease financing with Trio compares to purchasing with a mortgage and renting a house.

At Trio, we believe you should understand the math behind financing with Trio vs buying today or renting and then purchasing later. Select you prospective home price and lease term. Then hover over the Trio Triangle in each section to learn more.

Select a home price and compare Trio financing to an FHA mortgage and to renting.

Cost of Home
Number of Years
trioselect triofirst FHA Mortgage Rental Home
Financing Basics

With Trio you can qualify to finance with no down payment with a credit score starting at 580. Most lenders only make approvals for their advertised 3.5% minimum down payment if your score is above 660. And even then, your credit and income history has to be sparkling clean. Trio is much more understanding.

Home price $200,000 $200,000 $200,000 $200,000
Closing costs $5,000 $5,000 $6,000 na
Cost of home financed $205,000 $205,000 $206,000 na
Down payment required 0 0 ($7,000) na
Amount financed $205,000 $205,000 $199,000 na
Assumed interest rate 4.125% 4.00% 4.25% na
Minimum credit score to qualify 620+ 580+ 620-660 various
Minimum years under new employment 0+ 0+ 2+ various
Minimum debt to income ratio 50% 50% 43% various
Minimum annual income required $35,412 $35,568 $37,069 various
Cash Required to Move in

The cost to finance with Trio is way lower than a mortgage and comparable to a typical rental. Through its low costs, Trio provides you time to save for your down payment or save for a larger down payment so when you are ready to buy, you can qualify for the lowest interest rate and payment. Trio costs less to get in.

Down payment - - $7,000 -
Up-front costs $3,855 $3,455 $6,000 $3,421
Total cash required $3,855 $3,455 $13,000 $3,421
Monthly Payment

With Trio, your lease payment is fixed for your entire lease term of up to five years. With a rental, you never know how much your landlord will increase your rent each year. In many states, like California, rents increase over 5% per year. Trio's payment is slightly more than if you are qualified and decide to purchase today. This is because Trio is responsible for managing your lease and has to cover some of its costs in your payment. Trio is much more predictable.

Base payment $1,134 $1,132 $979 $1,368
Mortgage insurance premium $140 $140 $141 na
Real estate taxes $167 $167 $167 included
Homeowners insurance $42 $42 $42 included
Total monthly payment $1,482 $1,482 $1,328 $1,368
Trio payment, net of incentive credit $1,334 na na na
If Purchased at Lease End

Trio builds equity for you to use when you purchase. Your built in equity earned through your purchase option grows as home values increase. Through Trio's home purchase assistance, this equity is put to work for you should you need it when you qualify and buy. Plus with Trio's ownoption mortgage, your future interest rate is preserved for 30 years if you use it to buy. Trio locks in your housing future.

Est. market value at lease end $232,000 $232,000 na na
Std. Trio option price $218,000 $218,000 na na
Trio home purchase assistance ($5,310) ($11,000) na na
Net Trio option price $212,690 $207,000 na na
Equity gained during lease $19,310 $25,000 na na
Cash required to close - - na na
Assumable OwnOption mortgage rate 4.125% 4.0% na na
If Renting and Purchased at Lease End

Should you continue to rent and then purchase, you end up paying the future market price for your new home. Plus your future mortgage is subject to rising interest rates. Should both home prices and interest rates go up (as most housing experts predict), after just three years, you could end up paying over 30% more for your monthly payment. With an increased payment, you may not even qualify for the same home. You might have to compromise and buy a less costly home or even have to continue renting. Trio is much more secure.

Est. market price at end of term na na na $232,000
Down payment na na na ($8,120)
Up-front costs na na na $6,960
Amount financed na na na $230,840
Cash required to close na na na $15,080
Monthly payment na na na $15,080
Minimum annual income required na na na $15,080
Est. monthly savings using Trio na na na $15,080
If Purchased First and Sold at End of Term

If you are uncertain that you will stay in your new home for more than 5 years or if you tend to relocate for your job or military PCS, there is a risk in purchasing today. It typically costs 10% to sell your home once you buy. So, if you need to sell in the next few years, you could lose both the money you spent on closing costs to buy and your initial down payment. With Trio, there is no cost to move if you exchange and it only costs $795 if you decide to move on without Trio. Trio is just safer.

Sales price na na $232,000 na
Costs to sell the home (sale, marketing, closing) na na ($23,200) na
Cash paid when initially purchased na na ($12,970) na
Mortgage balance to pay off na na ($188,491) na
Home equity gain (loss) na na $7,339 na

Information provided on Compare Trio is for illustration purposes only. Program pricing illustrated is based on qualified customers with excellent credit history who meet Trio underwriting requirements. Individual results will differ from what is represented. Mortgage and rental comparisons are approximations only based on average rates and terms for comparable price points. Mortgage rates are based on an FHA mortgage as of April 15, 2016 from bankrate.com for credit scores ranging from 660 to 680. FHA loan limits based on local guidelines are not reflected. Rental comparisons are based on CoreLogic's RentRange. Trio lease financing is available on eligible homes on leases originated or assigned to Trio. Monthly lease payments are calculated based on a list price that includes acquisition costs of approximately 2.5% of negotiated price of the home financed. Cash due at signing includes an inception fee of 1% of home price, $655.00 underwriting fee, $400.00 contribution toward home care program and $.00 security deposit (not all customers will qualify for security deposit waiver). First month's payment is due prior to occupancy. Future monthly payments may increase depending on property taxes, insurance and homeowner association rates. Purchase option price at lease end (excluding customer closing costs) is based on home price, plus acquisition costs multiplied by a home price appreciation factor over the term of the lease. In the case of TrioFirst, home purchase assistance is provided by Trio for the difference between the purchase option price and the original home price, plus acquisition costs and a one-time 1% appreciation charge. Home purchase assistance illustrated at time of purchase in the case of TrioSelect assumes 100% of lease payments were paid on-time. TrioFirst is limited to a 3 year lease term. All figures presented are examples and estimates only. Customer is responsible for renters insurance and required maintenance during the lease term. Excess wear and tear as defined in the lease contract may be charged should a customer not purchase.