More secure than renting.

With Trio, choose from quality homes, town homes and condos, not apartment buildings or homes for rent by owner. You can live like an owner in a desirable neighborhood without having to worry that a landlord could sell the property you're renting or change the terms of your lease. Trio gives you the security of knowing that you're not going.

More flexible than owning.

No one knows what changes to your life or the market are on the horizon. So Trio gives you full flexibility to respond. You can extend, sub-lease, switch to another Trio property — even in another market — or move out when your lease is up. But if everything goes right, you've got the option—but not obligation—to buy.

With greater certainty than either.

With a Trio property, you can take the time to be certain of the housing market, the house, neighborhood, schools or your job situation before committing to extend your lease or even buy. And unlike a renter, you've got a fixed payment and a guaranteed lease term from one to five years that you choose up front.

Qualify like you're renting.

Because you start by leasing the property, qualifying for Trio home financing is a lot like qualifying for renting: simple. We'll help you determine the appropriate monthly payment for your budget. Then you can start house hunting for Trio-Ready properties or even find a property you're interested in designating as a Trio-Candidate.

Lower payments than a mortgage.

While you decide if your new place is a perfect fit, your payments are less than a mortgage. There's no down payment. No cash reserve requirements. No mortgage insurance. No market risk. It's a much more affordable way to enjoy the benefits of home ownership without the extra costs.