The Trio Team has over 300 combined years of experience in housing and residential finance. And over these years, we have been through what you have been through. We've been first-time homebuyers, move-up buyers, we've been self-employed, we've made career changes, we've had to relocate for jobs, we've experienced short sales and foreclosures, we've downsized, and we know what it's like to try to figure out what's best for our families.

Since the housing crisis began, the Trio team has worked with America's housing leadership – from the Federal Housing Agency (FHA) to the Federal Housing and Finance Agency (FHFA) that runs Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, from financial institutions and banks to state and local housing agencies, and many more – to help design and develop ways to help the housing market recover. All with a goal of maintaining safety and security for families in home financing.

We also understand the realities of home ownership – both the good and the bad. Ownership is great once you know where you are going to be for the long-term and you can check all of the boxes to qualify for a mortgage. But when you are uncertain or can't qualify, finding a quality home with the right type of financing for your family is challenging and can even be frightening.

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Trio was designed for you, not for the banks...

we even say so in our vision statement.

We call it 'We Believe.'

Our Mission

At Trio, our mission is to simplify home financing and extend the availability of credit to the housing market. In doing so, we provide stability and security for those not ready or immediately qualified for a mortgage.

In a world where the median duration of homeownership is five years, we believe there should be a way to finance a home for five years.

That is why we believe Americans want and require a home financing program that provides greater flexibility, security, and control than their current choices.

That's who we are and why we invented Trio, the third way to finance your home.

Thank you for considering Trio when financing your next home.

Trio was designed for you, not for the banks...we even say so in our vision statement.

We call it 'We Believe.'

We believe in greater access to homeownership and self-determination.

We believe that the choices in home financing-either renting or owning-are incomplete and out of sync with the needs and realities of the American economy and way of life.

We believe that the financial leap to homeownership has become too difficult and increasingly inaccessible for too many.

We believe that the home and owner match, like marriage, benefits from a period of engagement before commitment.

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Financing Aspiring Homeowners since 2001

Why We Invented Trio

The housing market has changed. Careers in America have changed. American attitudes toward housing have changed. Home mortgages have not progressed to meet these changes. Trio provides a much needed financing alternative for today's housing market.

Trio provides more flexibility than a mortgage, more certainty than renting, and the stability of knowing you have control over your housing future - purchase, exchange, or move-on.

All other major purchases you make, including your car, provide leasing as a financing option. We thought, why shouldn't you be able to lease a home like a car? So we invented Trio to provide flexible, but secure, 1 to 5 year lease financing for a home, just like a car.

Purchasing a home is a long-term commitment. Not everyone who finances a home is ready to make a 30 year commitment. If you aren't certain you will be in your home for 30 years, why finance it for 30 years?

Until Trio, you didn't have a choice, unless you just wanted to rent. But renting leads to a lot of uncertainty. Even if you find the right home, you never know how long you can stay or what your rent might be next year. With Trio you have greater choices, housing stability, plus control of your housing future.

The bottom line is that, at Trio, we have been providing home lease financing for aspiring homeowners since 2001 and know how many households can benefit from Trio. We believe Trio provides the best choice when financing a home for 5 years or less.

We hope you agree, and will consider Trio to finance your next home.