Lease now, buy when you are ready.

Trio is a lease with an option to purchase.

You can use Trio to finance your new home.

Every Trio lease includes an option to purchase.

Select to lease from one to five years.

Earn Trio discounts toward your future purchase.

At lease end, purchase your home, exchange, or move on.

If you are ready to purchase early, you can.

Trio finances your new home like an auto lease finances your new car.

Trio is a lease with an option to purchase that you can use to finance your new home. Instead of starting with a home mortgage, Trio first qualifies you for a lease. That makes it easier to get financing up front.

Trio has fixed monthly payments, a choice to finance from one to five years, and the option to purchase during or at the end of your lease. Sound familiar? It should. About one out of every three new cars is financed with a lease. Trio brings lease financing to the housing industry, providing access to flexible and secure financing for your new home.

There's Renting. There's Owning. Now There's Trio.
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Purchase If and
When You Choose
Low Cash
Required Up
Exchange, or Move
On, it's up to you

The Trio Advantage

Life Happens, Think Trio

Trio provides flexibility while you live in your new home. We understand that life happens, whether it's a relocation for your job or change in your household – so, purchase your home, exchange it for another, or move-on, it's up to you. If you are on track to purchase, but not quite ready, we may be able to extend your lease to give you more time.

With Trio, it doesn't cost much to get in and it's easier to get out. In contrast, with a conventional mortgage, it's best to be certain of your future before you commit because it costs a lot to get in and even more to get out. See how Trio Compares.

Trio finances any newly built home or homes substantially remodeled within the last ten years in major markets across the U.S.

Use Trio to finance either a move-in ready home or submit one of your own. If it meets our guidelines, we will finance it.

Move-in ready homes are already approved by Trio and are offered by leading homebuilders in many markets across America.

Think flexibility, security, and stability. That's Trio.

Choose from
to finance your next home.

trioselect offers you the greatest amount of flexibility and lets you choose your lease term from one to five years.

trioselect offers fixed low monthly payments and the greatest flexibility in lease term. You can select from any newly built home available for sale and live like an owner.

During your lease, you earn equity in your home and incentives for paying your payments on time that you can use if you purchase. Should you decide to buy, Trio includes a fixed, below market purchase option price that you can use to purchase anytime, with no penalty for early purchase. In the end, should you decide owning isn't yet for you, exchange or move-on. It's up to you.

triofirst is designed for those who know they want to own and provides the lowest option price.

triofirst is the most affordable and secure path to homeownership. With a low option price fixed for the life of your lease and a below market interest rate that you can use to buy when ready, triofirst provides you the tools you need to secure your housing future. Trio contributes 100% of the future home equity created during your Trio lease to you and sets your option price at just 1% above our initial cost. Plus, just like trioselect, you can purchase anytime during your lease.

Every Trio lease includes an ownoption mortgage and with a low interest rate fixed for the life of your lease.

Fixed Monthly Payment
Low Option Price Starting at 2%
per year
Fixed at 1%
over home cost
Fixed at home cost
ownoption mortgage
Home Purchase Assistance
Buy Anytime
Lease Term Up to 5 years 3 years 3 years
Minimum Credit Score 620 580 580

To see the math on how Trio can finance your next home, see How Trio Compares.

We can help you choose
the best trio for you.

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Trio Unlocks Homeownership

Meet the definition of 'Up to 100% of area median incomemoderate income'? Are you a veteran returning to the workforce? Or do you own your own business?* If so, you may be eligible for trioaccess.

Under trioaccess, Trio contributes 100% of the future home equity created during your Trio lease towards your purchase and provides a discounted interest rate through an ownoption mortgage you can use when you are ready to buy. That means your option price is fixed at today's cost and you have three years to get qualified to buy.

* small businesses with sales of $250,000 or below may be eligible

To qualify for trioaccess, your household income can't be more than the median for your area. To find out how your income stacks up, see this link to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and then select your state and county.

trioaccess is all about unlocking the door to homeownership for those who could use a helping hand. Let us know if you think you may qualify.

* small businesses with sales of $250,000 or below may be eligible

Trio gives you peace of mind

knowing that if your life changes,

you have the flexibility you need.

Living Trio

Trio is different than renting or owning. But it's similar to other lease financing - for instance, for your car. We provide a home warranty and maintenance support to help preserve and protect your home. It's your responsibility to maintain your home like it is your own and decide if and when you would like to buy it.

Trio's Home Care Guide is your key to ensuring your home is maintained. Trio's Healthy Home Checkups let Trio's home care team help you maintain and protect your home. It's like bringing your car in for scheduled maintenance, but Trio comes to you.

If maintenance is not your thing, consider upgrading to Trio WhiteGlove*. For an additional fee, all of the required maintenance outlined in your Home Care Guide is included. Or for those of you who love a yard, but not the maintenance, consider upgrading to Trio TurnKey* for complete exterior yard maintenance. Additional fees apply and vary depending on the size and location of your home.

At the end of the day, it's your home we are financing. We expect two simple things. Maintain your home like it's your own and pay your payments on time. It's that simple.

* Not Available in all locations. Ask Trio for details.

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