Trio Success Estimation

Use the estimator below to see how leasing with Trio helps you build savings through equity in your financed home before you buy. Simply select your home price and market area. Then see how much you can save by using Trio rather than renting.

Home Price

Market Area


End of Lease:

  • Trio Option Price
  • Wealth Generated (HPA)

Price if you rent then buy is + minimum savings you need
(calc based on *3.5%)

*For illustration only. Actual Trio Home Purchase Assistance is dependent upon market performance and your performance under your Trio lease. Increase in home value is estimated based on market data for the indicated area from S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Index. Actual results will vary.

Rental Payment

Landlord Profits

Trio Payment

When you purchase through Trio

  • Net Trio Payment
  • Monthly Savings

*For illustration only. Actual monthly lease payments and Trio Home Purchase Assistance are dependent upon the market and actual amounts for your specific home. Earning Home Purchase Assistance from Trio is dependent on your performance during your Trio Lease. Actual results will vary.

Trio’s Option Price:

The included low purchase option price locks in your home price while the market value grows over your lease term. Magical!

Built-in Savings:

With every on-time payment, your home purchase savings grows making it easier to transition into owning. Included savings!

Build Wealth While You Lease:

All of the increase in home value above your low option price is yours to keep when you purchase. Wealth for you!

Better than Renting:

With renting your landlord keeps all of your monthly rent AND the increase in home value. Trio’s way better!