Texas! We're now available in Trio offers the best lease to own program in the country. Through Trio, the market generates wealth for you while the home appreciates, which you can then use towards a down payment when you want to transition to homeownership!


What is Trio

Trio is the new, innovative way to achieve home financing. Using its proprietary lease-to-own financing program, Trio is the contemporary option toward owning. Trio provides you the ability to live in the home you want to own while building equity for its purchase in the future.

From renting to owning, with a step in between, helping you successfully jump into homeownership… that’s Trio, the third and new option.


Trio helps you build your financial future by offering you an easy way to invest in yourself.

The lowest purchase option price, starting at just 1% over the home’s cost

An included assumable 30 year OwnOption Mortgage

Build equity before you are ready to purchase

Select a new or quality used home in your market

Purchase anytime you are ready, regardless of your lease term

No down payment and low move-in costs


(All Applicants)


580+ Credit Score

Working on building your credit? That’s great! Trio accepts FICO credit scores of 580+.


$3,600+/mo. Household Income

Trio considers all sources from your paycheck to a business or even a side job that helps make ends meet.


Payment Max 1/3 Household Income

Trio is here to help you own, not struggle. We want to make sure you’re not burdened with your lease amount.


24+ Months Housing History

A history of paying your rent on time is key to your success with Trio.


2+ Months Savings ($2,500 minimum)

Having a little cushion in the bank is important for all of us. Trio wants you safe and secure through your lease.


50% Max Debt-to-Income

We all have bills to pay and Trio wants to ensure you can comfortably pay your bills and lease payments.