For most applications, the following is required when you make application

  • Documents supporting your household income. If you are a W2 employee, please upload your last two months’ paystubs and a copy of your prior year W2s. If you are self-employed or own a business, upload complete copies of your last year’s personal and business tax returns along with a year to date profit & loss statement – also tell us how your business makes money;
  • Two forms of personal identification. A copy of your government-issued identification, such as driver’s license or passport and secondary item, such as a credit card or birth certificate;
  • A signed copy of our authorization disclosure that we need for certain landlords to verify your rental history;
  • Documents supporting your savings and investments. Recent bank, retirement and/or investment statements supporting a total dollar amount of at least two months of your budgeted monthly payment. This is a minimum reserve re-quirement, and depending upon review of your application Trio may require up to four times this amount of reserve to be documented. You can provide a summary page with account balance only and do not need to include pages of detailed account activity.

What if you have special circumstances we should know?

If you have information that you feel is important for us in evaluating your application, tell us. Add the comments to your application or email us at Be sure to reference your application ID and your full name. If you want to strengthen your application, improved your credit, have more savings on hand, offer to make a last month’s payment or find a qualified co-signor. We have latitude in our approval process – but only if we have a solid reason!