Lock in your ability to get an FHA insured mortgage with a low fixed interest rate and 30 year term.

An ownoption mortgage is a mortgage arranged by Trio as a part of your lease that you can qualify to use to finance your home when you are ready to buy. With an ownoption mortgage, your future mortgage interest rate and term are locked and included in your lease. So, no matter what happens to interest rates in the future, your interest rate is secured giving you the best chance to buy your home.

With a traditional mortgage, locking in an interest rate can cost between 1% and 3% of your loan amount equating to thousands of dollars. Plus, banks only allow you to lock your rate for up to one year. With an ownoption mortgage, your interest rate is locked for the life of your lease – that's up to five years! And the cost is covered by Trio.

Why did we go through all the effort to create the ownoption mortgage?

Simple. We want to do all we can to ensure that if you want to purchase your Trio financed home, you can. So instead of stressing about rising interest rates that could make your once affordable home, no longer affordable, an ownoption mortgage provides you peace of mind knowing your rate is locked in and available when you are ready.

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  • Preserve affordability
  • Locked interest rate
  • 30 year term
  • Available for the life of your lease
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An ownoption mortgage locks in your future interest rate to help make future ownership more affordable. If interest rates increase by only 0.5% per year and you rent for 3 years before buying instead of using Trio, your monthly payment would go up by nearly 15%. And that's if the price of your home you want to own doesn't increase. If you are not ready to buy, why wouldn't you use Trio?

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An increase in your monthly payment might be the least of your concerns if you risk renting first and then want to buy. You may also have to make 15% more in income just to qualify for the same mortgage. Most of us can give up something to pay for a higher payment, but we just can't control how much our income will go up. With your interest rate locked through an ownoption mortgage you have more certainty you will be qualified to buy.

Trio's ownoption mortgage keeps homeownership within reach.