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Move in with Trio

After you move in, get settled. You get to treat this home like its your own. Here are the basics to tackle first – Get your lease payment set up on auto-pay through your payment portal, transfer all utilities and have them turned on in your name, and make sure you’ve contacted your HOA (if you have one) to confirm when your next payment is due.

Live with Trio

Learn how to care for your home through Trio’s home care guide included in your lease – make sure you know how to submit a maintenance request through your portal, and have emergency numbers & guidelines ready should you need them. Unlike a rental, maintenance is your responsibility if not covered by your home warranty. Maintaining (or making improvements to) your home plays large role in home value and will only increase your future wealth. Soon enough, you’ll start on your homeownership education with HUD-certified counselors through Trio’s Success Program. Your home’s value will increase according to local market values.

Purchase with Trio

Trio’s fixed lease contracts put you in control of your housing future. Make your payments on time to increase the amount of Home Purchase Assistance you’ll receive when you purchase. With TrioFirst, this can be as low as 1% above the original cost of your home. No one else in the industry passes nearly all of the home appreciate to you. When you’re ready, let us know, and our team will connect you with one of our preferred lenders to review your options. Remember, you can always assume the OwnOption Mortgage included in your lease, but if you’ve been leasing for at least 24 months, you also have the option of taking out a new loan as well. Many VA homeowners started with Trio.

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