Financing your new home with Trio starts with a simple application. If you have ever applied for home or car financing before, our application will look familiar. And we do our best to respond with a preliminary approval within 3 business days. For final approval, we need your help in providing documentation supporting your income, employment, and housing history.

There is no fee to apply - apply now. Or if you aren't quite certain, but want to get started, register and we will contact you to answer any questions.

If you’ve recently made application for a mortgage and are interested in financing with Trio, streamline your approval by forwarding your application package directly to us. You still need to complete our online application, but this certainly expedites our approval process. Leave us a comment in your application that you are doing so and we will provide you with a secure link to upload your information. Or after you apply, provide your lender with this release form and they can send your information directly to us so we can get started.

Not everyone qualifies, but with Trio, it's easier than a mortgage. If you've recently made application for a mortgage and were nearly qualified, you will likely get approval with Trio.
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Due to the high volume of applicants, please allow Trio a 4 business day response time. Please note, the 4 days begin once you’ve submitted your application and credit score. Thank you for your interest in our program!

Getting Qualified

At Trio, qualifying is easier than for a mortgage. We need to verify 3 things.


You have enough cash each month to pay your lease payment and other obligations.


You have rental or mortgage history to show us you have made your housing payments on-time.


You have the employment and credit potential to qualify to purchase by the end of your lease term.

Learn more about Trio's qualification requirements as well as answers to commonly asked questions here.

Trio uses a unique and fair way to assess your financial background, while eliminating a lot of typical barriers to approval.

At Trio we balance our review of your information for approval. Your current work and housing history are as important as your income and credit. We need documentation that supports your ability to make your lease payments.

Find out how much you may qualify for with Trio.

See our Payment Estimator.

It's ok if you are a first time buyer, need more time to save, are self-employed, have a work visa, have gone through a job change, relocation, job loss, reduction in income, short sale, medical challenge, divorce, foreclosure, bankruptcy, or other challenging life event. We've all been there.

Trio is ready to finance you when you are ready. To qualify you must meet these minimum requirements:

If you believe you meet these requirements and are ready for your new home, get started and apply now.

How We Approve Credit


Your approval is streamlined. We still need to verify your income, employment and housing history, but as long as these check out, you should be approved.

640 to 680

You will likely be approved. As long as you have good housing history and you have managed your debt, you should be on your way toward approval.

580 to 640

We want to understand your story and confirm Trio is a good match for you. If your income is in line with your obligations, you have a good chance of approval.

If you are new to America, we can use your foreign credit as a substitute.

If you have yet to establish credit, we can use rental history, utilities, or phone bills to help with an approval.

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