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Facts About Trio

Read below for Facts About Trio. Programs are subject to change. Consult your Trio Lease for details applicable to your home.

Trio costs less to get in.

Financing with Trio costs thousands less up front than a mortgage. There is no down payment required. You pay only 1% of the home price, plus closing fees of $655. Unlike most lenders, Trio doesn't charge any junk fees. Instead of collecting security deposits like a rental, you make a $400 contribution toward your new home's care and maintenance provided by Trio. All in all, Trio requires a lot less cash than a mortgage and no more than a typical rental.

Trio costs less to get out.

Did you know that the average cost to sell a home is between 8% and 10% of the sales price? So it costs a lot to sell and pay off your mortgage even if you have enough home equity. With Trio, you have time to make the right decision before you own. If you decide to purchase, you can buy anytime without penalty and your low option price is included in your Trio lease. But, if you decide to exchange or move on, you can. How much? See how Trio Compares.

Fixed monthly payments.

Your monthly payment is based on the cost of the home you select. For the lowest payment, negotiate the best price in comparison to market value. Or look for new homes with seller incentives. Your payment is fixed and only goes up during your lease if the property taxes, homeowners insurance, homeowner's dues, or other similar costs increase – just like escrow accounts for a mortgage. Estimate your Trio payment. See how Trio Compares.

Manage the cost of your payment.

Similar to a car lease, Trio lets you reduce your monthly payment up front. Should you want a lower monthly payment than Trio provides in your estimate, let us know. We can help you manage your payment through our buy-down program. Plus, many TrioReady homes may have lower payments built in due to seller discounts or incentives.

Trio sets your purchase price up front.

With Trio, you lock in your ability to purchase through your purchase option when you sign your lease. We set your future option price based on factors that include the number of years in your lease, the value of your home, and the market in which you live. TrioFirst sets your net option price after home purchase assistance at only 1% above the home price, plus initial costs, while TrioSelect starts at just 2% per year. Since most housing markets go up on average by 4% per year, Trio's programs are designed to build future equity when you are ready to buy. Estimate your Trio option price. See how Trio Compares.

Our best price equals your best option price.

Trio sets your option price based on the negotiated home price at time of purchase plus costs to close and ready the home for your occupancy. So, the lower the home price up front, the lower your option price. If the negotiated home price is lower than 2.5% below appraised value, your monthly payment is reduced in addition to your option price. If the negotiated home price less than 2.5% below appraised value, your monthly payment and up-front costs could go up. Keep that in mind as you select your home and negotiate your price to finance with Trio.

Flexible lease terms.

No one but Trio provides you the flexibility to select to lease your home for one to five years. It's your choice, but at your request and along with your mortgage advisor, we can help you determine the best term to match your specific needs. If your ultimate goal is to purchase, you may not need more than one to three years. But Trio provides up to five years if you think you may need more time.

Use your option to purchase anytime.

Should you decide to purchase before the end of your lease, you can at any time and without penalty.

ownoption mortgage.

Lock in your future monthly payment and interest rate while you lease through an ownoption mortgage. An ownoption mortgage is a mortgage financed by Trio at the start of your lease that you can qualify to assume when you purchase. A Trio ownoption mortgage keeps your home affordable and protects you against rising interest rates. See ownoption.

Trio Home Purchase Assistance.

Trio provides Home Purchase Assistance with all of its financing programs. TrioSelect. For every on-time payment you make, Trio provides you with a 10% credit to further discount the cost of your future purchase. Think of it as a built-in savings plan should you decide to purchase. TrioFirst. When you decide to purchase, Trio provides a credit to you for the difference between its standard option price under TrioSelect and the TrioFirst net option price of 1% above home cost. Use your Home Purchase Assistance to offset closing costs or just purchase for the net option price, the choice is up to you.

Home savings incentives.

Earn discounts while saving for your down payment. At Trio, we want to help any way we can when you want to purchase under your option to own. Should you decide to contribute to a Home Purchase Savings Account, Trio will provide discounts toward your purchase of 25% of your savings during your lease term up to $5,000. That's a $5,000 Trio match for the first $20,000 you save toward your purchase – much better than the interest earned on a standard savings account. You can set up your Home Purchase Savings Account through a participating financial institution. Participating banks include Wells Fargo, US Bank, Chase, BMO Harris Bank, HSBC, Zions Bank, Union Bank, Bank of the West, HomeStreet and more.

Trio finances newer homes.

With Trio, you can select any home available for sale in one of our approved market areas that is newly built. Homes considered newly built are either new construction or homes built or substantially remodeled within the last 10 years. For remodeled homes, you will need to provide Trio with documentation supporting the renovations.

Home Care Guide.

Take care of your home like it's yours. Trio's Home Care Guide provides keys to maintaining the value of your new home. Trio's Home Care Guide also includes a schedule of maintenance required for your new home. Just like scheduled maintenance for your car. At least twice each year, we expect you to spend some time maintaining your home. Trio's home care team is there to help you maintain your home. We even come to you. If home maintenance is not your thing you can upgrade for an additional fee and have Trio's home care team do it for you.

Tell us your choice before the end of your lease.

We request that you let us know 90 days before the end of your lease whether you plan to purchase, exchange, or move on. Then work with our preferred lenders to purchase. Should you decide to exchange or move on, our home care team provides you with a move-out schedule and a guide to assess wear and tear. If your mortgage advisor says you need more time, we may be able to extend your lease.

Moving on before lease end.

If you have a life changing event, let us know and we will see what we can do to help. If it's after 24 months, simply provide us 60 days' notice and we will work with you to move you on. If you need to move out before the end of 2 years, we can help with Trio's Sublease Program. For a small fee, we will market your home and find a new occupant. If qualified, they can be a substitute for you and release you from your lease obligations. Trio's Sublease is another unique customer benefit offered by Trio.

Trio Exchange.

Use Trio Exchange if you aren't certain. Under TrioSelect, if you decide that you are not ready to own at the end of your lease, ask us to Exchange. With Trio's Exchange program, you can select another Trio qualified home and choose to finance with Trio. We will roll over your earned Home Purchase Assistance under TrioSelect to your next home, plus discount your inception fee on your next home. What could be better if this is your first home, if you are one of our dedicated members of the military, or part of our country's growing mobile work force? Trio Exchange lets you lease, earn purchase discounts through Trio's Home Purchase Assistance program, and purchase the right home when you are ready.

Use Trio as a backup.

Most people don't know that over 30% of mortgage applications for the purchase of a new home end up denied. Today's mortgage rules and regulations are complicated and it's just not that easy to qualify. If you are being told you qualify today, but aren't positive, use Trio as a backup just in case. Contact us and let us know if we can help.

Is Trio approved by FHA?

FHA does not approve programs like Trio. Trio is a lease-to-own financing program that partners with government agencies in the markets where it uses FHA mortgages that are then assumable to qualified customers. Trio’s government agency partners are qualified to use FHA mortgages under a special provision in HUD’s guidelines. Trio’s lending partners originate individual FHA mortgages for these government agencies on each financed home. Use of this FHA provision does not provide nor require prior approval of our government agency partners.

We care about protecting your privacy.

In this day and age we all have a concerns about the security of our personal information. Discussing and transferring personal information via any means has risk. Ultimately, all any of us can do is use our judgement and common sense in how we transfer our most sensitive items. We provide multiple options for you to communicate with us from old school phone and fax to secured email, internet communications and file transfer portals. See our privacy policy or contact us to learn more.

Life Happens, Think Trio.
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