Trio was founded by a dedicated team of seasoned professionals with the vision and drive to develop a better way for financing housing. Trio’s leadership has experience in all things housing from affordable lending programs to mortgage lending to housing development to shaping housing policy. Their primary goal? Offer a new path to home ownership that’s affordable, realistic, sustainable and secure for American households.

Since 2001, we’ve worked with individuals, private industry, state, local and federal government, as well as non-profit organizations to offer innovative financing programs to would-be homeowners like you.


Trio provides sustainable, secure, and rewarding homeownership options to individuals and families throughout the US.

We pledge to:

Work tirelessly to
achieve our vision of
empowering wealth generation
through lease-to-own

Promote an environment
of trustworthiness and
respect by developing
customer-centric policies
and business practices

Partner with highly
reputable organizations
who do business with
integrity and transparency


Darryl Lewis

Darryl Lewis, Managing Director

He’s the guy in the videos and is truly passionate about how Trio helps make homeownership attainable for a broader group of people. He designed Trio and the OwnOption Mortgage and engineered the first lease-to-own program in the country using assumable mortgages with Fannie Mae. Darryl started it all by helping the first households become homeowners in Seattle’s rapidly appreciating housing market. He’s never forgotten the hugs and tears from his first successful customers as they became proud homeowners.

Before Trio and his years of work in the housing industry, Darryl was a CPA and founded a technology company that helped international builders build more efficiently. Darryl lives in Microsoft’s back yard in the Seattle area enjoying the beauty of the northwest with his wife, two boys and his (wife’s) dog Ruby.

Patrick Howard, Managing Director

He’s the guy behind the scenes making it all happen. Patrick ensures Trio has the right programs in the right markets, financing the right homes for the right households. He’s a veteran of affordable lending and housing finance and joined Trio after meeting Darryl and understanding the broad impact of Trio’s vision – both as a financial product, but more importantly as a positive influence on the people it serves.

As a former athlete and father of four, Patrick understands the true sense of stability that a home provides for a family and how important this is to the fabric of our communities and our country. He lives in the shadow of Amazon near Seattle with his wife, daughter and three boys who are already out in the world starting their own careers.

Patrick Howard


Trio’s program is supported by a broad group of employees, contractors and industry partners.  Trio is unique compared to other finance companies as it is specialized in one thing and one thing only – ensuring Trio is the best home financing program in the USA.  Our leadership and advisory team has over 300 years of combined experience in residential finance.  Trio is independent, meaning it is not owned or run by a bank or Wall Street firm.

Team Trio is dedicated to serving our customers and industry partners. We believe in working side by side with our community partners and always seek to improve our service levels to our customers. We strive to make most of the people happy most of the time since we can’t make all of the people happy all of the time.

Government Agencies

County of San Bernardino
Arizona Department of Housing
US Department of Housing and Urban Development
Fannie Mae


Bank of America
Cornerstone Home Lending
Wells Fargo
Capital Mortgage

Home Builders & Industry Support

Century Communities
Wade Jurney Homes
Meritage Homes

Non-Profit Housing Groups

Home Ownership Preservation Foundation
Neighbor Works America
Hope Loan Port
eHome America